Notice of Annual General Meeting to be held on 30 June 2020

On behalf of the Secretary, I hereby give notice of an Annual General Meeting of the Wellington Youth Events Society Incorporated, to be held by Zoom on Tuesday 30 June 2020 – time to be confirmed.

Only members of the Society may attend, speak, or vote, but you may join the Society at any point between now and the start of the meeting and still participate. To join the Society, head to

Voting for the Board will take place online, and will conclude before the meeting. A voting link will be sent to all current Members after the close of nominations, and to all new members once they have been approved by the Board.

Voting on other matters will take place by voice vote at the meeting. You may nominate a proxy to vote on your behalf if they will be present at the meeting – email

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New version of the Protocols

The Board of the Society has adopted a new version of the Protocols, available here. This version took effect when it was emailed out to all Members on 28 January 2020 at 8:13 p.m.

These Protocols provide a framework under which the Society operates, and when you became a member, you agreed to comply with them.

You don’t need to tell us that you agree to these new Protocols – we take no response to mean you do agree to comply with them. If you do not agree to them, please get in touch with Olivia Trass, Society Secretary, as soon as possible.